21 June 2010

Sarah Young

At only 21, Sarah Young does it all DJ, Stylist, Writer and Presenter. I caught up with her to ask, Just how did you get your first media break?

"People tell me all the time you have to choose just one career, but I am working as a stylist, DJ and now writing for people like MTV. I also present, so as a presenter you have to know what you’re talking about. You have to understand the questions your asking, so being a writer is essential. Nowadays you have to be multi talented to succeed, and despite being dyslexic I’ve always had a way with words, it’s just another creative medium of how I express myself creatively.

My first break was when I was 17. I got invited to London fashion week, at the time I was organising a charity fashion show, so I took the opportunity to try and get some looks for the show. I just approached all these high profile fashion houses and designers and asked for free clothes. My ignorance at the time helped me, “Why wouldn’t these famous designers give me clothes?” I was arrogant and naive back then, and I learnt how to hustle, I learnt that you don’t get if you don’t ask.

I then started writing for online magazines, and began presenting for online TV channels. People thought I was mad at the time, like, online TV? What the hell? But I knew it was the future, now everyone is on new media. I then started my own online events/ fashion brand and then taught myself how to DJ, all whilst studying at the London College of Fashion. I started to appear in magazines and get great press and then started styling; it’s all about the hustle and hard work."

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