3 June 2010

Jo Fuertes Knight

So by now, you must have heard of a little blog entitled MY FUCKING REDUNDENCY, created after a certain writer was made redundant from a magazine called Front. Jo Fuertes Knight, 23, doesn't mince her words. Her Provocative, Don't Give A S*** attitude and wit, makes her blog a definite read. But be prepared for the excessive swearing as a way of expressing her self.
"It's not going to read like Cosmo -that should be a good forewarning"
she says in her recent interview with The Cut magazine, out now. Ironically people, even writers get a little limited sometimes in being able to express themselves. but perhaps but that's what makes it so amusing... and that's what makes her such a great writer!

check out her blog: myfuckingredundency.blogspot.com

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