4 June 2010

'I can't fit into Carries shorts -But I don't care'

I'll admit, I am a sex and the city fan. If by fan you mean someone who owns the box set and cries when something crap happens to Carrie as a result of her un-dying love for Big, then yeah.

And if by fan, you mean someone who got extremely emotional about how poor the film was, so hasn't gone to watch number two, out of fear that it will be as bad as the first. Then yes, I am a Sex and The City fan! But alas there is always someone in a far more worse situation than you, and these people were in Grazia magazine. Where I discovered that there are women sadder than me out there. Yes women who knowingly buy clothes that will never fit them just because Carrie wore them, symbiotic costumes with special powers as if 'Carrie' isn't a fictional character.

Only thing worse than this is, is the woman who bought 'Carrie's' handkerchief top for £20 beaming with the fact that it had Sarah Jessica Parker's make-up residue on it but admiting it wasn't her style! Alas there was one more who wanted to share, another las who bought a dress similar to that of 'Carries' from the first Sex and The City film, so as to mimic the look claiming it gives her confidence. So how sad do you still think I am now eh?...

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