7 June 2010

Kristen Stewart Elle Magazine

Kristen Stewart graces the front cover of the July editon of Elle Magazine. And she's still keeping tight lipped about those Robert Pattinson rumors, cue YAWN... Well, come on, do we really care? If she is sleeping with him then it only confirms what we all knew already,it's perhaps as obvious as when Whitney was on crack, that her Pattinson have some sort of off screen relationships that is beyond a friendship.

Anyway as Hanna Hanra finds out Kristen Stewart does seem to really care what the world thinks about her. So much so, that she asks Hanna to get her a tuna burger(what?), fries and a diet coke. Worried that people (the two who were in the restaurant at the time according to Hanna), would think that she is the crack whore that Perez Hilton said she was. Well Kristen if you combed your hair, and didn't look like you slept in those clothes, and perhaps smiled abit more, then maybe things like that wouldn't be said about you.

No smile...

still no smile...

Something Awkward...

Oh.. that's why she doesn't smile... LOL!

This month's UK Elle is out now

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