14 June 2010

Don't judge a SAS by it's cover

Just got in from interviewing SAS 'Streets All Salute' aka Mega and Mayhem. yes aka part of EUROGANG aka Dipset! Dipset! Dipset! anyway... I had this perception of them as seen in their music videos. But having met them at a East London bar earlier on tonight, for the MTV Wrap up Blog. I have found out that they are two of the most sweetest 'bruda's' ever! I left in awe in how down-to-earth they are. And was fascinated by their stories, I could listen for ever. The two brothers compliment each other well lyrically and in life, each keeping the other intact. Articulate, smart and focused. S.A.S are back and they have an added fan... me! Check out my interview with the brothers here www.mtv.co.uk/music/urban/226634-sas-the-interview

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