16 May 2010

The Liz Jones 'readers please take pity' Appeal

Liz Jones gave a 'shout out' to all her beloved readers who sympathised with her financial crisis as ranted about in last weeks You magazine. Where she was told "no" by her local bank to withdrawing the £20 she so desperately needed to buy food, petrol and heating for the next couple of days. She described in this Sundays Daily Mail the many thousands of emails and letters of encouragement she received. Some even with cash gifts, all wanting to help her. She stated in her weekly column "If I can't return the money, I'll donate it in all your names to Equine Market Watch (I'm Patron), and Wiccaweys, which rescues collies" she concluded by saying "We're always being told we live in a broken society. That we're greedy. My faith in human nature has been restored. Thank you, Joyce. Thank you everyone."
After finishing the amusing article, I casually turn the page and meet an Aldi advert. Showcasing their lowering of prices, so I guess now Liz is on a tight budget she can get in on the discounts maybe Aldi's mushy peas now 24p will tickle her fancy, or perhaps she'd prefer some ginger nut biscuits down from 39p to 34p to help her beat the crunch!

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