11 May 2010

Donald Crunk

If Vice Magazine had a younger brother, Donald Crunk's 'Style Slut' would be it. His posts will too often leave your jaw hanging in disbelief and thinking, did I really just read that? whilst making you laugh, then feel bad, (while secretly admitting to yourself that it's so true!) and so laughing all over again. I would best describe his entries as a collective of those uncompromising one liners and taboo subjects, you'll so often find in episodes of Family Guy and South Park. He unashamedly talks about everything from Girls, his love of Porn, Music and Fashion often in that order.

When he is not critiquing on today's culture and society. He finds time to share and spread his wisdom further, writing for numerous publications and blogs including; RWD, Dazed and Confused, I am fashion hear me roar and High Snobette.

To find out more about Donald's worldly wisdoms go to at http://www.styleslut.blogspot.com/ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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