15 May 2010

America's Next Top Blogger!

Alicia Keys is set to launch a new and exciting website called 'I AM A SUPERWOMAN' (I.A.A.S)
with the claim that it "will ignite super women with empowering content, delivering vibrant and optimistic news, opinion, and entertainment at a supersonic pace. IAAS (I Am A Super Woman) will give powerhouses everywhere one source to connect with each other--and the world"

As part of this grand project, Alicia has decided to launch a competition for one talented writer to become 'Head Blogger' for the site. Candidates will have to battle through four rounds until 60, become ten. These ten, will then be flown to New York City for further scrutiny before being narrowed down to three. Once the magic number is selected, they will then be flown to London to watch Alicia Keys live in concert in London, England. (Talk about leaving a Carbon Foot print!!) The lucky three will also have the opportunity to interview Miss Keys in person before the winner is announced on 21st June 2010 via the I.A.A.S.com website.

To check out the final ten and find out more about I.A.A.S go to www.iamasuperwoman.com

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