31 May 2010

A cut above the rest

The Cut Newspaper is a non profit project edited by Nina Manandhar, and is in full effect with issue five out now. The newspaper gives platform to creative's under the age of 21, and from its first issue launched back in March 2008 this free, bi-annual paper, has gone from strength to strength. Its consistentency to provide fresh and innovative information about what's going on in the world, makes it in my opinion a definite contender in the recent growth of free publications flying around.

Themed 'The Remix Issue' Make sure you check out Damian Malonties interview with man of the moment Tinie Tempah by and Shamz le Roc's interview with Iyaz. Also be sure to feast your eyes on about to blow talent MC Envy, The Urban Lawyer Tunde Okewale, and controversial writer Jo Furtes Knight. For your fashion fix, check out The cuts homage to the Androgynous look styled by Chloe Forde and interviews with Charlie and Kish two of Britain's biggest distributors of clothing labels such as Mishka and A.I.N.T by Ricardo Nunes and Silas Osei.

For more info type in www.thecutnewspaper.com

24 May 2010

Volume Magazine

Check out Volume magazine and get YOURSELF noticed. The For.Us.By.Us of the print-world is constantly looking for creative types from all spectrum's! http://www.volumemag.blogspot.com

Also Volume Magazine is celebrating their 3rd Birthday, check out the blog for more details


i-D magazine Summer 2010

photography/image credit www.ftape.com

i-D presents the HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES issue. Checkout first and foremost, Hattie Collins interview with Trey Songz and Erykah Badu before interview with my fav photographer David Lachapelle by Xerxes Cook. Then, make sure you read Jamie Hodgsons' interview with Gemma Arterton on page 125 and DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT Mark Jacobs interview with fashion model Liya Kebede on page 170 plus on page 106, go introduce yourself to Jeneil Williams.

18 May 2010

WAH, Sharmadean Reid in Grazia Magazine!

Check out Sharmadean Reid's short profile/interview titled The Entrepreneur in this weeks Grazia Magazine. As part of Mattel's new campaign 'Barbie I can Be' which is helping future generations realise their ambitions. Sharmadean along with six other leading female success stories have been chosen to mentor, advise and answer questions on how young and grown-up women can achieve their goals.

check out Grazia's blog for more info www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2010/03/17/the-barbie-factor

16 May 2010

The Liz Jones 'readers please take pity' Appeal

Liz Jones gave a 'shout out' to all her beloved readers who sympathised with her financial crisis as ranted about in last weeks You magazine. Where she was told "no" by her local bank to withdrawing the £20 she so desperately needed to buy food, petrol and heating for the next couple of days. She described in this Sundays Daily Mail the many thousands of emails and letters of encouragement she received. Some even with cash gifts, all wanting to help her. She stated in her weekly column "If I can't return the money, I'll donate it in all your names to Equine Market Watch (I'm Patron), and Wiccaweys, which rescues collies" she concluded by saying "We're always being told we live in a broken society. That we're greedy. My faith in human nature has been restored. Thank you, Joyce. Thank you everyone."
After finishing the amusing article, I casually turn the page and meet an Aldi advert. Showcasing their lowering of prices, so I guess now Liz is on a tight budget she can get in on the discounts maybe Aldi's mushy peas now 24p will tickle her fancy, or perhaps she'd prefer some ginger nut biscuits down from 39p to 34p to help her beat the crunch!

Lawton on Rooney

Check out sports-writer James Lawton's feature on Wayne Rooney in the June edition of UK Esquire Magazine. Not my usual choice of entertainment, but I was pleasantly surprised as it ended up being a piece that I couldn't put down! Lawton gives detailed insight on Wayne Rooney from a raw talent playing on the cobbled backed streets of Manchester, to a raw talent playing on the pruned pitches of the Manchester United Football grounds. He explores where Rooney fits in amongst the legends of the sport and what the future holds for the young talent. as for me, I am now going to try and learn the off-side-rule!

Hermione Eyre on Karen Elson

When I can get my paws on Fridays ES Magazine, Hermione Eyre's interviews are the first thing I turn too. Well, that and The knowledge, Flashbulb and Look Book section of the magazine. I know that reading an interview by Hermione with whom-ever-it-may-be is a guarantee of me forgetting the days dramas, and getting lost in somebody else's world. Usually right until I have to get up from my seat on the packed rush-hour-bus ride home.

Check out Hermione's interview in this weeks Es magazine with Karen Elson below
Karen Elson: Gothic Romance Life & Style

15 May 2010

Age ain't nothing but a number

Chenai Takundwa, is in the making of a enviable C.V which already has Photo Editor, and Journalist at Live magazine a Brixton youth publication firmly pressed on it. Now she can happily add her recent contribution to the June edition of Dazed and Confused magazine, where she interviewed Tom Baker, promoter of the Underage Festival to it. At 17, Chenai is still studying as an art student and hasn't completely figured out what she wants to do, but one thing she knows for sure is that she has a definite passion for music, art and writing.

The underage festival takes place at Victoria Park on August 1st 2010, for more information go to www.underagefestivals.com

Make sure you check out Chenai's blog at www.chenaitakundwa.blogspot.com and have a nosey at Live Magazine at www.live-magazine.co.uk

Princess Julia

Music and Fashion, yes, that's what makes Princess Julia. Dj, ex-model, writer, editor, performer, all stem from these.

As you can imagine being the Music editor for i-D magazine and co-producer of fanzine PIX, as well as a contributing writer for fashion website KCTV.co.uk. ponystep, QX international and vice magazine online, must take up most, if not all of your daylight hours. Yet in any time that she may have left Princess Julia DJ's and performs spoken word in noise band Oral Oral.

America's Next Top Blogger!

Alicia Keys is set to launch a new and exciting website called 'I AM A SUPERWOMAN' (I.A.A.S)
with the claim that it "will ignite super women with empowering content, delivering vibrant and optimistic news, opinion, and entertainment at a supersonic pace. IAAS (I Am A Super Woman) will give powerhouses everywhere one source to connect with each other--and the world"

As part of this grand project, Alicia has decided to launch a competition for one talented writer to become 'Head Blogger' for the site. Candidates will have to battle through four rounds until 60, become ten. These ten, will then be flown to New York City for further scrutiny before being narrowed down to three. Once the magic number is selected, they will then be flown to London to watch Alicia Keys live in concert in London, England. (Talk about leaving a Carbon Foot print!!) The lucky three will also have the opportunity to interview Miss Keys in person before the winner is announced on 21st June 2010 via the I.A.A.S.com website.

To check out the final ten and find out more about I.A.A.S go to www.iamasuperwoman.com

13 May 2010

JP Patterson the Hoods journalist

One can only wonder when JP Patterson finds time to sleep. Not only does he write for MTV and is the Editor of MTV's urban blog 'The Wrap Up' He also finds time in his days to write for Rwd, Mix Mag, NME, The Guardian and The Independent whilst also squeezing in the time to edit the music and club section of Super Super Magazine!
check out his blog here www.josephjppatterson.blogspot.com

11 May 2010

Donald Crunk

If Vice Magazine had a younger brother, Donald Crunk's 'Style Slut' would be it. His posts will too often leave your jaw hanging in disbelief and thinking, did I really just read that? whilst making you laugh, then feel bad, (while secretly admitting to yourself that it's so true!) and so laughing all over again. I would best describe his entries as a collective of those uncompromising one liners and taboo subjects, you'll so often find in episodes of Family Guy and South Park. He unashamedly talks about everything from Girls, his love of Porn, Music and Fashion often in that order.

When he is not critiquing on today's culture and society. He finds time to share and spread his wisdom further, writing for numerous publications and blogs including; RWD, Dazed and Confused, I am fashion hear me roar and High Snobette.

To find out more about Donald's worldly wisdoms go to at http://www.styleslut.blogspot.com/ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

AJ Jacobs on Mila Kunis

Check out this months June edition of Esquire Mgazine featuring AJ Jacobs interview with the talented Mila Kunis, you'll be guaranteed to chuckle.